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Skin Cancer Knows No Boundaries

Skin cancer is a global health concern that affects people of all ages and ethnicities worldwide. This
disease does not discriminate based on geographical location or socioeconomic status; it affects all
people from all corners of the globe. The international nature of this disease calls for collaborative
efforts among nations to educate their populations about prevention strategies and provide accessible
healthcare services for early detection and treatment.

The leading cause of skin cancer is excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.
Whether for work or leisure, as individuals spend more time outdoors, they become more susceptible to
developing this potentially deadly cancer. With globalization and increased travel opportunities, people
are exposed to different climates and intensities of sunlight, further increasing their risk.

Cultural norms and beauty standards also play a role in the international prevalence of skin cancer. In
many societies, having tanned skin is considered attractive and desirable. This belief leads some people
to engage in risky behaviors such as excessive sunbathing or using tanning beds.

AIM at Skin Cancer works with several international partners who use our translated and acculturated
materials in their home countries/regions, but these materials are also available on this website for use
by anyone across the globe. By working together globally, we can reduce the incidence of this
widespread disease and lessen its impact on individuals’ lives worldwide.

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As new partnerships are formed and more resources are developed, more resources will be added to this page.



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