What is a Cancer Caregiver?

Approximately 2.8 million people report caring (unpaid) for a family member or friend whose primary diagnosis is cancer. Being a caregiver for a loved one with cancer is a critical role.

AIM at Skin Cancer is dedicated to providing an education and support system for caregivers supporting a loved one diagnosed with skin cancer. These pages equip caregivers with the information and resources needed to become compassionate and knowledgeable throughout the duration of their caregiving.

We hope this information will assist you in the various aspects of caregiving, including supporting treatment decisions, advocating for your loved one, helping your loved one through symptoms and side effects of treatment, providing emotional support, assisting with financial considerations, and planning for advanced care.

Additionally, we offer information regarding services to support you throughout your journey and strategies to help you take care of yourself. Remember that caring for yourself is as important as caring for a loved one. When you are physically and emotionally healthy, you will be better able to provide care.

Helpful Cancer Organizations & Programs: