Skin Cancer in Australia

Skin cancer is a prevalent health issue in Australia, with the country having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. This is largely due to the country’s location near the equator, which means that Australians are exposed to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. In fact, it is estimated that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

With our international partner, The Melanoma & Skin Cancer Advocacy Network (MSCAN), a nonprofit organization that provides an innovative approach to tackling Australia’s national cancer, we have developed comprehensive educational materials on skin cancer.

By raising awareness about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and promoting sun-safe behaviors, we can work towards reducing the incidence of skin cancer in Australia and saving lives.

A study by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute found regular sunscreen use by all Australians could drive down the burden of melanoma by up to 34 percent by the year 2031