Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | Jan. 22, 2024

Living With Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Symposium at Dana- Farber Cancer Institute

Ann W. Silk, MD
Justine V. Cohen, DO

Date: Monday, January 22, 2024
Time: 5:00- 6:00 PM (ET)
Presented Virtually via Zoom

About Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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This symposium is an opportunity for patients and caregivers to learn about nonmelanoma skin cancers from the medical experts from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This event is FREE and open to all and will be presented virtually.

Presenters & Topics

5:00 PM (ET)Introduction to the Types of Skin Cancer 
Ann W. Silk, MD
5:05 PM (ET)Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cSCC) and Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
Introduction to Mohs Surgery– Abigail Waldman, MD, FAAD
Treatment Options for Metastatic cSCC – Justine Cohen, DO
5:25 PM (ET)Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC)
-Diagnosis of MCC and Next Steps– Manisha Thakuria, MD
-Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of MCC– Danielle Margalit, MD
-Treatment Options for Metastatic MCC – Karam Khaddour, MD
5:55 PM (ET)Patient Resources from AIM at Skin Cancer
Ann Garst Taylor
6:00 PM (ET)Panel Discussion with Q&A – moderated by Justine V. Cohen, DO
Justine V. Cohen, DO
Nancy Crehan, LICSW
Lilly Flanagan, Physician Assistant
Alexis Giacco, MSW, LCSW
Karam Khaddour, MD
Arianna Maida, Physician Assistant
Danielle Margalit, MD
Abigail Waldman. MD, FAAD
Ann W. Silk, MD
Ann Garst Taylor
Manisha Thakuria, MD
Cassie Yerkes, RN