Additional Resources

Helpful Caregiving Organizations & Resources That Support Cancer Caregivers

The Caregiver Support Video Series – American Cancer Society
These videos provide training for caregivers managing day-to-day cancer patient needs, including medication and pain management, dealing with side effects, self-care, advocacy, and sharing caregiver stories.
Caregiver Resource Guide – American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society Caregiver Resource Guide is a valuable tool for cancer caregivers. This guide provides essential information on caring for your loved one and yourself during this challenging time.
What a Cancer Caregiver Does – American Cancer Society
This webpage from ACS provides an overview of what it means to be a cancer giver, including tips for making health decisions, empathizing with the patient with cancer, and understanding financial considerations.
Tips for Caregivers – Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The webpage, “Tips for caregivers,” discusses how to balance your role as a caregiver with other demands, managing burnout, advice for staying organized, and more.
AARP has a database to connect caregivers with services and assistance programs organized by state.
Caring for a Loved One – hosts various pages about caregiving basics, taking care of oneself, hiring home care services, caring for a parent as a young adult, and much more.
Support for Caregivers of Cancer Patients – National Cancer Institute
Support for Caregivers of Cancer Patients includes advice on assisting loved ones with advanced cancer, offering long-distance caregiving support, and including family members.
Caregivers – CancerCare
This site connects caregivers and patients to a larger community. The Cancer Support Community’s caregiver page offers advice on navigating caregiving roles, understanding treatments, and having difficult conversations by providing online guides and videos.

Cancer & The Family

Talking to Kids about Cancer – Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Breaking the news about a diagnosis to children can be a challenge. This
resource includes how to talk to kids about cancer at different ages and how to understand their potential responses.
When Your Child Has Cancer – American Cancer Society
It can be devastating to learn that one’s child or teen has cancer. This page offers assistance on numerous topics, such as coping with the diagnosis, handling financial and insurance issues, and managing treatment.
The “Your Stories” podcast series includes candid discussions between patients and loved ones, current cancer research, and reflections from those who have lost loved ones to cancer.
This series offers numerous guides about helping children deal with cancer-related issues, such as explaining a diagnosis or treatment or handling grief due to the loss of a parent.
The web page covers various topics, including how cancer affects family life and how children understand cancer.

Families & Caregiving – Senior Navigator
“Families & Caregiving” links to resources about family conversations, family dynamics, kinship care, and grandparents raising grandchildren.

Care for the Caregiver

Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver – American Cancer Society
This resource highlights the importance of caring for yourself as a caregiver,
continuing to plan things you enjoy, recognizing signs of burnout, and finding
professional help as needed.
FCA provides statistics about the mental and physical demands caregivers face and educates caregivers on managing stress, asking for / accepting help, starting to exercise, and more.